Reyes Tacandong & Co.

Strategic Processes, Inc.

(RT&Co. SPI)

is a strategy consulting and human capital development company specializing in critical thinking processes that help organizations transform the way they conduct business.

Joint venture between Reyes Tacandong & Co., the fastest growing professional services firm in the Philippines and Decision Processes International (PI), a management consulting and human capital development firm which has been helping build winning organizations since 1980.

HO SunYee

Managing Director

RT&Co. SPI is helmed by its Managing Director, Mr. Ho Sun Yee who has more than 45 years of management and leadership in the Singapore Armed Forces, the private sector as well as the people sector. He has lived and worked in Singapore, HongKong, Jakarta and the Philippines. He graduated Number 1 from the Philippine Military Academy Class of 1978 under a Singapore government scholarship and obtained an MBA from the National University of Singapore before leaving the service.

He is a much sought-after speaker on Strategic Thinking, having graced the Philippine National Defense College, Management Association of the Philippines, UP College of Education, Ateneo School of Government, and Rotary Club of Manila, among others. His notable clients include the Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Max’s Group, Rockwell Land, Phoenix Petroleum, Export Management Bureau, DTI, Philippine Navy, Philippine Marine Corps, Philippine Air Force, Philippine Army, D&L Industries, Inc, Consumer Care Products Inc., and Balibago Waterworks System, Inc.

Steffi Allison A. Villa

Senior Manager, Head of Strategy and Operations

Steffi has more than a decade of strategy management and organizational development experience. She was a former Chief Defense Researcher of the Philippine Navy’s Office of Strategy Management and has an extensive experience in working with the Defense and Government Sector. At the same time, she has a diverse exposure with other clients in the academe, IT & digital services, real estate, oil & gas, manufacturing, public utility service, and other industries.

Steffi also specializes in Strategy Translation which includes improving strategy execution, alignment and cascading using the Execution Premium Process and the Balanced Scorecard System. As a Life Coach and a Certified Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner, she has facilitated leadership and professional skills development programs both for the private and non-profit sectors.

She graduated from the University of the Philippines Los Baños with a bachelor’s degree in Development Communication and has a master’s degree in Community Development from the University of the Philippines Diliman. Steffi is also a spoken word artist and author who uses this platform to promote her advocacy of self-empowerment and nation-building.

What sets us apart?

Our clients tell us that there are at least four things that set us apart.

The first thing that sets us apart is that we are a very focused firm. Even though most of our partners and associates are seasoned executives who have “been there, done that”, we do not pretend for a second that we excel in areas beyond the application of our proprietary critical thinking concepts and processes.


The second thing that sets us apart is that we are totally results or outcomes anchored. If we are uncertain about – or cannot agree on – the deliverables, we walk away. If we think that you are “using us” to achieve a purpose that goes against our Credo, we walk away. If we think that you are not ready to work with us, we walk away. Of course, when we have to walk away, we do it with the touch and tack that would be expected of a “best of breed” practice. We choose our clients as carefully as our clients choose us!

The third thing that sets us apart is that the RT&Co. SPI Professionals who meet with you during the sales process are the same ones who would work with you during the entirety of the assignment. We do not practice the “finder-minder-grinder” approach that many firms practice.


The fourth thing that sets us apart is that we empower our clients and take a truly partnership approach so that they have learnt from having engaged us. We believe that the best and most lasting solutions are those that result in the client not having to call us back for the same exact assignment other than to train new people who have not had the benefit of working with us.